Everyone is building a life. Building is inevitable – through education, further study, or hard work. The question is – what is your foundation?

Jesus speaks specifically about foundations In Matthew Chapter 7, at the close of what is generally accepted to be “The Sermon on the Mount” – but these words must be among the least quoted and referred to sentences in “The Sermon on the Mount” – I wonder why?

Jesus Christ spoke about two men each building a house, using an illustration from his building days. One man was wise. He laid a sound solid foundation, excavating down to the rock, whereas this foolish man built his house wherever he could, only to discover it was built on sand.

Each builds a house and when the construction is complete they look the same. From the outside you could not tell the difference.

The wise man knows storms are coming. Is the foolish man totally unaware of this reality?

A fierce violent storm arrives. The rain is heavy. The water levels rise and the winds batter both houses. When the storm comes it may be too late to start thinking about foundations.

Jesus teaches us that the house of the foolish man fell with a great crash.

At that moment, whose house would you prefer to be in?

This applies to life and lifestyle – to business, morality, finance and faith.

There is no area exempt from Jesus’ teaching. The fashionable temporary culture, and philosophy influencing our society, will not be of much help.

The house of the foolish man fell when he most needed a house.

Can you imagine a lost hill walker with a map in his hand, but he will not look at it – or he looks at it, but will not believe it?

Dig deep. The cost will be higher, and more time will be required. Progress will be slower, as you remove all the rubbish that separates you from Christ the rock.

Jesus is speaking about the long term – which may not be all that much longer!

Are you in with Jesus for the long term – for the long haul? Over the years we have seen so many take the ‘short term option’ – but is that really an option at all?

“Loving gracious God – we give thanks and praise that disciples like Peter and John and Paul were in it for the long term – the long haul – although it cost them much – just like their Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. We give You thanks for teaching us regarding the importance of sound solid foundations. Help us to make sure and certain that our lives are built upon Jesus Christ, the Rock. Amen”