How many times have we heard the expression "what, me worry...?"

Of all the conditions of mind rampant in the human race, there is one that comes closest to being universal. It consists of only five letters in English.

It is one of the most universal - if not THE most universal condition of humanity on this earth…everyone has it even if not evident, it is a silent, sometimes infectious “disease”, which to this date seems completely resistant to any attempt to find a cure. There are many labels given to those that are rather notorious.



The humorous tongue-in-cheek expression, " worry?!", is usually given when others already know they DO worry. But it releases the quilt and possible embarrassment and then they can go on living...and continue to worry!

There are a few within the human race that can, honestly it seems, claim that they never worry. Some of this group perhaps deceive themselves, wanting to be feel in their own minds that they never worry. Others seem completely convinced that they never worry...about anything.

Granted this claim can seem to those of us who know we worry (regardless of about what or how often) as being at best self-denial.

Why does it seem so universal? Why does such a small “disease” as worry remain utterly untreatable by science?

Efforts are made to neutralize - even eradicate - this disease through religious application and efforts. Even here, only minimal success seems to have been made. Often, the “success” only appears to be a success, and is covered over by “more important” issues at hand.

If worry is near to being universal and nonresistant, where does it come from? Is it like a contagious disease that can be acquired by being “exposed” to someone else, then spread abroad by close proximity to other humans who are infected? Worry seems to vary in intensity depending on the cause of it, and also the temperament of the individual.

We are living in a world that is very aware of infectious diseases. Could science not develop a cure for such a infectious “disease” as worry?

Sometimes, the presence of worry can be justified, and the human mind is striving to inform us of the importance of a condition that needs our attention. There is reason for what we call worry given to us by God. If we believe in Him, and are close to Him, the Holy Spirit will at times stimulate the faculty of the ability of worry in order to warn or inform, or simply redirect us in some way.

However, there is a worry that is not of God, but is a state of mind function that is functioning outside of what God would have us utilize in a life living for Him.

If we are worrying to an inordinate extent, we should take the issue to Him. If one is yielded to God, and desires to follow His way of life, He will balance the activity of worry in such a way that it serves Him, becomes something that, rather than be a hindrance to proper response, and become an activity of the Holy Spirit to guide you.

Take your worries, and lay them before Jesus Christ - He can balance your worry with worthwhile concerns, that functions as your faculty that serves Him and you, in every part of your life.

Than you can say...

“Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday” (Author Unknown)